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Hi Everyone, this an exciting day for Lovett Industries, This is our first blog post of many, we would like to take the time to thank you for actually reading this, i would like to extend a warm welcome to our...........

"FAT DRIFTERS" as you know there are quite a few "Backyard" Jobbies getting around building custom Motorized Big Wheel Drift Trike's etc, i just want everyone to know when you buy from Lovett Industries, not only are purchasing an amazing Motorized Big Wheel Drift Trike that has had the engineering mastered and fully TIG welded frame, you are actually buying your youth back again.....Hows this you say?

Just say your reading this and your 60 yrs old, you want to buy one of these drift thingies but your missus says "Your a bit old for that Harold", well to be honest Your NOT!!! Once you get on one of our "FAT DRIFTER" Motorized Big Wheels, kick it in the guts and start drifting you will feel like your 18 again LOL, no seriously if you ride one of our trikes and you don't at least crack a smile.... Then i think it is safe to say your missus was right ;)

Our business plan is simple:

Provide Awesome products to our customers that bring back their youthful flair.

Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun = happiness :) 

So if your wondering should i give it a go Umm hell yeah!!! does a Bear...... in the woods? The answer is YES!!!

Take advantage of out Intro Promo offer of $2500 because once the Promo is over there is no telling when the prices will drop again.


Conrad Lovett

CEO of Lovett Industries and Phat Drift Trikes

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