Motorized Drift Trikes Australia from Lovett Industries
It all started in late 2014, i was on my local FB buy and sell page “Bidding Wars Bunbury” just skipping through looking at what everyone was selling, my eye was fixated on this thing, i had never seen anything like it before but i was curious to know more.
The thing that caught my eye was a Feat of “Boganeering” It was half Huffy Slider and Half GoKart, It looked like so much fun, but it also looked like something that was probably made for an 8 year old kid not a 28 year old bloke, but before i could buy it, i tagged my wife in the FB post for approval, she said “That Looks Like Fun” to me that meant “Yes, you can buy it”
I was working offshore at the time and contacted the seller, we struck a deal and the “Motorized Big Wheel Drift Trike” was ALL mine. I couldn't wait to get home and give it a crack. 
When i first saw this Motorized Drift Trike in the flesh i was like “Hell Yeah, this looks sick as!!!” I fired the Motorised Big Wheel Drift Trike up and took it for a spin……WOW! i was hooked, sliding around corners just inches off the ground, executing 360’s but only getting to 180 degrees LOL. The feeling was surreal and it was like a drug , I just had to have more.
I then started searching the internet for other designs that guys had come up with, i found a “Motorized Big Wheel Drift Trike” made in the USA by another manufacturer. It looked pretty cool but i thought “I could do better”
So i began manufacturing "Custom 1 OFF” Motorized Big Wheel Drift Trikes, I have a Mechanical Background as a Diesel Mechanic and also am pretty good with a TIG Welder. My wife was head of the design team and came up with some funky designs for me to fabricate.
After getting swamped with orders at Collie Gazzanats 2015, we decided get cracking with our custom 1 off designs. 
We now have an Online Store and we sell our Current range of Motorized Big Wheel Drift Trikes , All over Australia from Darwin to Tasmania and everywhere in between.
So If you're looking for a REAL Motorized Big Wheel Drift Trike, that goes harder than the rest, looks 110% better and is very reasonably priced, then you have found the RIGHT place, we offer our "Motorized Big Wheel Drift Trikes" at an awesome price and you can be assured that we will provided support to all our Past Present and Future customers.
Conrad Lovett
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