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Hmmm So You THINK You Found A Better Deal?

I hear it all the time "Your Trikes Are So expensive, you must be making a killing!!"

If you analyse what actually makes up a Lovett Industries "FAT DRIFTER" you will see there is a hell of a lot of work that goes into these trikes the from the Fully TIG welded frame to the amazing powder coated finishes all the way down to the billet Foot Rests and custom moulded seat.

So you think you can make it cheaper? well you probably can we dont run our business like a "Red Cross soup kitchen" giving everyone "FAT DRIFTER'S" at material ONLY cost would just be silly.

"But I Found One Cheaper that looks EXACTLY the same?" The reality is there are plenty of Motorised Big Wheel Drift Trike's out there that may appear to be similar looking BUT Lovett Industries are the Pioneers of Motorised Big Wheels in Australia, all the trikes we sell are backed by us and we have heaps of customers all over Australia that keep coming back to us because WE ARE THE BEST!!!

"Pffft I Can make that for $500 Easily!!!" Really you think you can? ok then please price up all these components and tell me what price you come up with ;)

-3mm x 25mm Chromoly Tubing @ 6 Metres Frame Fully TIG WELDED
-Billet Twist Throttle
-Throttle Cable
-212cc 7hp 4 stroke Motor
-H/D Racing Clutch
-#35 Sprocket and Chain
-Billet 30mm Solid Axle
-Billet Anodised Parts Including Sprocket Hub Carrier and -Brake Disk Carrier
-Hydraulic Rear Brake Assembly
-Rear Kart Wheels with Brand New Tyres and Drift Sleeves
-Powdercoated Frame
-Custom front forks with SOLID steerer
-26" Fat Wheel with Double Wall Aluminium Rim and 13g Stainless Steel Spokes
-4" FAT tire with White Wall
-Billet Anodised Foot Pegs
-Billet Anodised Hand Grips
-Custom Moulded Seat
-Twin Piston Front Brake with 203mm Rotor
-LABOUR to build the trike 12hrs
- Grade 10 Bolts and Hardware
- Custom Anodised Chain Guard

REMEMBER all anodised parts are matching Colours

IF you can even source all those parts please tell me what costing you come up with, ALSO remember we are a business and need to make profit otherwise what is the point of selling trikes?

DONT FORGET Things we have to pay like GST and all the other taxes, Insurances etc etc

We are not a charity and if you can make the trikes cheaper that is great go and give it a crack.



Conrad Lovett


Lovett Industries



26 January, 2016 by Conrad Lovett
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