Australia's Finest Motorized Big Wheel Drift Trikes From Lovett Industries
I'm sure you have seen our Motorized Big Wheel Drift Trike's on our FB page "Phat Drift Trikes"
Exclusive to Lovett Industries, our Big Wheel Drifter's will keep you young, the smile you will get everytime you jump on one of these beasts is never ending, that feeling of being "Out Of Control" whilst being "In Control", yeah you know what i mean, Remember getting your "P" plates and cruising into town on a Thursday night, catching up with the crew and visiting your local "Burnout" pad.
Experience the same rush today.
Be one of the FIRST in Australia to ride our Motorized Big Wheels.
Click on the "SHOP" tab and see what we can offer your to release your "Inner Child"


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